Golf carts have become a way of life in many of the communities we service, a symbol of the simplicity and freedom that living in Florida offers. But many people don’t realize is that their homeowners and auto policies likely won’t cover them in the event of a golf cart accident. Policies for these types of vehicles are very affordable, so contact us today to start your coverage. Enjoy the freedom your golf cart offers with peace-of-mind.

Components of Golf Cart Insurance

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Liability Coverage (Both Bodily Injury and Property damage): This coverage protects in the event of personal injury of property damage in the event of an accident involving your golf cart.

Collision Coverage: This covers the cost of repairing your golf cart if it is damaged in a collision with another object, such as another golf cart, a tree, etc.

Comprehensive Coverage: This coverage reimburses you for nearly any other damage that may occur to your golf cart that doesn’t involve a collision.