If you own a boat, it is essential that you have boat insurance. If you bundle your boat insurance with auto and homeowners policies from Ted Todd Insurance, you can enjoy savings of up to 20%. Contact us today for free quote to cover your boat!

Components of boat insurance

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Boat Equipment

This coverage helps protect all of those things you need for a safe boating experience including anchors, life jackets, navigation equipment and other boating accessories.

Watercraft Liability

This coverage protects in the event your boat causes damage to a dock, a person or another boat.

Emergency Services

This coverage proves up to $1,000 protection should you need your boat towed, or another emergency service.

Physical Property Damage

This optional coverage protects your boat, motor, and trailer when you’re storing it, hauling it, launching it, or out on the water. If it’s stolen, vandalized, or damaged by wind, hail, lightning, fire, or explosion, this coverage can help. It also covers emergency service (up to $100), wreck removal, and other boat equipment.

Personal Possessions

This protects from loss of equipment that is not essential to boating, but still on-board, like water skis or fishing tackle.

Uninsured Watercraft

This coverage will protect in the event of a hit and run or an accident with an uninsured boat.